CNC Vertical Milling

Blackhawk Machine Products has been a leader in manufacturing for over 40 years and offers precision CNC vertical Milling services for multiple industries and custom applications.

Our state-of-the-art CNC vertical milling centers are equipped with large 40x20x20 inch work envelope and feature 2-axis machines equipped with modern CNC controls. We are also able to hold tolerances as close as .001". and run small production runs of 500 units or more while offering competitive pricing.

Our CNC vertical milling services can be utilized on a vast array of materials such as:aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze, and plastics. In addition, our CNC vertical milling technology improves production cycle time while processing consistent quality parts at reduced costs, while conforming to stringent standards such as various Mil-spec and ASTM requirements that our customers expect.

Our QC process includes random sampling and visual inspections to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.

For more information about our precision CNC vertical milling services and other precision manufacturing options please
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